Key Features:

  • Excellent long term wear resistance with a high-build application.
  • Easy to apply
  • High chemical resistance
  • UV Stability
  • Easy 1:1 mixing rations
  • Long term gloss retention

Product Info

TF 75 Sealer is a slow curing, deep penetrating two-component polyaspartic coating. It has excellent adhesion properties to many substrates, and has superior mechanical properties. This coating is formulated at 75% solids, designed as a high build, clear sealer for concrete surfaces. TF 75 Sealer is designed for UV stability, high chemical and abrasion resistance, high hardness, and slight flexibility.

It has been formulated with a unique blend of solvents to promote adhesion to small amounts of old acrylic still remaining in the concrete. TF 75 is formulated with longer cure times to allow the concrete to breath after initial application, and a deep penetration of the coating, eliminating any air entrapment and pinhole bubbling effects. Available in 2, 5, and 10 gallon kits. Please refer to the datasheet for proper surface preparation and use of product.

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