Key Features:

  • Resists a very wide range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, amines, salts and solvents.
  • Odourless.
  • Excellent long term wear resistance with a high-build application.
  • High elongation and flexibility allows use in cracks or over expansion joints.
  • Fast curing. Return to service in under 4 hours.

Product Info

TF 9 is a three-component, solvent-free, high-build, matte finish, interior/exterior concrete coating or structural repair mortar. Typically installed as a stand-alone over-lay for concrete substrates, it provides an economical solution that has excellent chemical resistance properties and very good durability against abrasion and mechanical damage.

TF 9 has tremendous flexural properties allowing unique installations where movement exists, transitions, cracks or connections of multiple substrates including wood, metal, concrete etc. TF 9 can be installed in thick applications when extended with large aggregates, or as a thin overlay. Please refer to the datasheet for proper surface preparation and product use.

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